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Capstone Marketing Services helps Founders, CEOs, Presidents, VPs of Sales and Marketing, CFOs, Directors of Finance, Superintendents, Procurement professionals, and others grow their sales and reduce their operating costs by 10-50% on 200 product and services spending categories (on a contingency basis with no out of pocket cost or risk).  We have the people, specialized knowledge, programs, and track record to improve your company or organization’s bottom line.

Sales-Building Services

Since 1994, Capstone’s founder, Jeff Roberts, has created innovative, affordable sales-building services that have helped hundreds of clients generate more than $700 Million in new sales. In addition to growing sales for Fortune 500 clients such as IBM, Oracle, Motorola, Unisys, Sprint, Deloitte & Touche, Bayer, Grant Thornton, and Spherion, Capstone Marketing Services provides innovative, affordable sales and marketing solutions to meet the needs and budgets of smaller businesses, franchisors, and franchisees. Capstone’s proven, cost-effective services can solve tough sales and marketing problems, grow your sales, add new customers, generate qualified leads, increase your name recognition, improve sales rep productivity, reduce your sales cycle, increase website-generated leads, level the playing field against bigger competitors, help raise investment or market expansion capital, sell more franchises, and more. Capstone will work closely with your company to customize a package of services to meet your specific needs, goals, and resources.

Partnering with Capstone is easy and surprisingly affordable even for small companies. Simply contact us today to schedule a Free Sales Growth Consultation, or to obtain a free copy of Jeff Roberts’ White Paper which was promoted on the cover of President and CEO Magazine. It’s called, “The Secrets of Growing Your Sales in Today’s Economic Times.” We look forward to hearing from you to learn about your company, needs, and goals. It would be our privilege to work closely with you to take your business to the next level of success.

Proven, Affordable Sales-Building Solutions!

  • Qualified Sales Leads. We specialize in generating closeable, pipeline-ready, decision-maker leads. Our senior level, consultative calling professionals are the most experienced in the industry. They include former national sales managers, consultants, VPs, and business owners
  • Telemarketing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Consulting to solve tough sales and marketing problems
  • Franchisor Services such as franchise growth consulting; finding, qualifying, and/or closing new franchisees; advertising your franchise brand nationwide or in target cities via the Wall Street Journal, SiriusXM Radio, local radio, LinkedIn and more; putting a program in place to generate highly qualified end user new customer leads/opportunities for your franchisees in their local territories (in many cases the franchisees will pay 100% of the cost); introducing franchisors into highly qualified opportunities with major national prospects that may be too large for franchisees to handle, etc. 
  • Franchisee Services including innovative, cost effective ways to generate highly qualified leads in each franchisee’s local market using Facebook Business Advertising, Google AdWords, radio commercials customized for each franchisee, website upgrades, SEO, and our unique Customer Builder program. For example, we are currently supporting 400 franchisees of a national franchise operation
  • Telesales. Capstone can provide professional sales people to sell your products or services on your behalf
  • NASCAR Advertising. One out of three American adults is a fan of NASCAR. Promote your company, products, and services to millions of people on a NASCAR race car starting at just $5,000
  • Discount TV and Radio Commercials. Let us create and run high quality commercials for a fraction of what you think it would cost. Affordable for any size company. Call for information and pricing
  • Google AdWords, Facebook Business advertizing, and Linkedin programs to generate qualified leads and grow your sales
  • Website Creation and/or Upgrades
  • Sales Outsourcing. We can provide top-performing sales representatives for less than the cost of hiring a sales rep in-house! With Capstone, there’s no taxes, benefits, or long commitments
  • Investment Capital or a Buyer for Your Business. Let Capstone help you quickly acquire the funds you need to grow your sales or find a buyer for your business!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will attract more prospects to your website
  • Sales Training (Learn the secrets of successful cold calling we’ve taught to IBM)
  • Programs to Launch New Products or Enter New Markets
  • Message | Value Proposition Development
  • Lead Nurturing or Development
  • Business Intelligence Gathering
  • Sales Rep Hiring Services
  • Webinar, Seminar, and Event Invitations

America’s Premier Qualified Lead Generation Firm

Better Callers Produce Better Leads
Better Leads Produce Better Sales!

“Your highly professional telecontact staff is able to get to levels within prospects by phone that only top flight reps used to get to.  Your phone interviews at high levels result in maximum leverage before our reps go in. This is a very effective tool.” -Ralph Goffin, Motorola, Eastern Division Area Manager

The Business Development Managers (professional lead generation specialists) in our industry-leading C-Suite Lead Generation Group excel at generating closeable, pipeline-ready, highly-qualified sales leads.   Our calling professionals average 25-30 years business experience.   Many have been consultants, former national sales managers, former # 1 sales reps, business owners, VPs, and even CEOs.  The C-Suite calling group is typically engaged to create highly-qualified sales leads with owners, presidents, CEOs, C/VP level decision makers, and managers.

Capstone’s Business Development Managers have strong sales backgrounds. This enables them to overcome sales objections, present new or complex ideas and value propositions, get senior decision makers to open up and provide comprehenisve information about their needs, current situation, decision-making process, timeframes, goals, competitive environment, and more.   We excel at placing calls into our clients’ best prospects and engaging decision makers in meaningful, impactful business conversations. We position your company as the ideal solution to your prospect’s business challenges. We then schedule your choice of an immediate follow-up phone call or an in-person appointment.

Capstone also features a second high quality lead generation team called the Executive Telecontact Group. These professional callers are ideal for telemarketing, appointment setting, high volume calling assignments, campaigns for lower priced products and services, and situations where the target prospect is a lower level title. 

After performing six years of successful lead generation campaigns for IBM, we were asked to teach our C-Suite Lead Generation Methodology to IBM’s own call centers worldwide.    Now, we’d like to put this same experience and track record to work for your company… at a price that makes sense for a small to midsize business.

Real Results and ROI

Capstone's proven, affordable sales-building strategies and services have:

  • Increase franchise sales 7 fold for a small frachisor
  • Added thousands of new customers and millions of dollars in sales for small little known companies
  • Helped a small, boutique consulting firm close $633,000 in new business
  • Generated $20,000,000 in closed sales for a midsize ERP software company
  • Developed a plan to add $10 Million per year in new business for a printing company
  • Created a greatly improved new website, messaging, and a growth plan for a small East Coast manufacturer
  • Walked a small unknown software developer into decision maker level opportunities with Sears, Progressive Insurance, FDIC, etc.
  • Generated $51 Million in closed sales for a logistics/supply chain company
  • Helped a little known manufacturing company gain entry into Fortune 500 and other target prospects

Specific Market Expertise

Capstone can help any company from 1 to 100,000 employees and/or individual sales professionals. We have special expertise building sales for many industries including: software, hardware, technology, franchising, consulting, outsourcing, manufacturing, financial services, supply chain, energy, medical/healthcare, ERP, CRM, printing, business intelligence, staffing, HR, business process re-engineering, insurance/benefits, off-shoring and more.

Special Offers to Grow Your Sales!

We’d like to send you a complimentary copy of an article written by our CEO, Jeff Roberts for President and CEO Magazine. It’s called “The Secrets of Growing Your Business in Today’s Times.” This information-packed article reveals the true causes of under-performing sales and presents sales-building strategies and programs that really work! We also invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation Sales Growth Assessment call with Jeff Roberts to learn what more your company can do to thrive, not just survive. To learn more, please contact Jeff Roberts today, at: [email protected] or 800-845-7720.

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"If you are seeking highly qualified leads, Mr. Roberts’ company would be the BEST way. I’ve never seen the type of quality leads they can generate." - John Humphreys, former IBM North American Manager

Free Sales-Building White Paper!

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